Announcement: Intro To Buddhism-RELS 2360-Fall–17-University of Houston


Introduction to Buddhism

Instructor: Dr. Trung Huynh (Rev. Thich Hang Dat)

Tuesday, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM; Room: TBD

A Hybird Course, RELS-3396, 3 Credits



The University of Houston offers a hybrid course, RELS 2360 Introduction to Buddhism. If you study at the University of Houston, you can register this class in the Fall of 2017 by following the link:



You may have seen Dalai Lama’s smiling face on internet, television, and newspapers. You may wonder why million Americans turn to Buddhist mindfulness practice to find solutions for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Discover how Dalai Lama and million Buddhists and non-Buddhists around the world utilize the Buddhist distinctive philosophy and practice to achieve peacefulness and happiness in life.

This course will provide an overall comprehension of the Buddhist teachings and practices. It will deal with important issues situated within the broader Indian historical contexts. The course begins with the life of the Buddha, the Buddhist early teachings, and the establishment of the Buddhist monastic order. The course then progresses to the cosmological and philosophical developments of the Mahayana, following by the ritual and mythological innovations of the Buddhist Tantras. The final section takes a brief look at how Buddhism spreads from the East to the West.


***This hybrid class will include some field trips, some face-to-face meetings in class, and the rest of the time online.


If you have questions about this hybrid course, please contact:

Dr. Trung Huynh (Rev. Thich Hang Dat) at