Rev. Thich Hang Dat (Dr. Trung Huynh) and his writings




 ***PhD Dissertation-Kang Senghui




-What can the study of Comparative Religion contribute to your understanding of Buddhism


-Translation of Sutra of the Adorned Mind of Enlightenment


-The potential responses of religion to modernity


-The interpretation of Buddha Nature in Chan tradition


Sufficient Economy Power


Social Concern-Sigalovada


Scripture role in American Zen


-In how far is exegesis-eisegesis


Future of Buddhism in the United States


-Development of Buddhist art in South and Southeast Asia 


-Death-Life beyond Death




Compare and contrast between Buddhist and Hindu ethics


-Compare and contrast between Buddhism and Yoga


Close reading of a passage from the Vimalakrti sutra




A critical analysis of Sigmund Freud-Mircea Eliade view of the relationship between religion and reality

Caste in the Law of Manu


 –Self reliance of Zen and Reliance on other power of Pure Land