Introduction to Buddhism-Unity Church of Houston-July 10-2016





Introduction to Mindfulness Practice-Unity Church of Houston-July 24-2016










Rev. Thich Hang Dat’s writings in Vietnamese


Những Bài Viết Ngắn:


























 Kinh Sách Soạn Dịch:


-Tri Tam San Han


-Thien Su Nguong Son Hue Tich


-Thien Su Linh Huu


-Than Tang Thien Truc


Ton Gia A De Sa


-Phap Ngu Thien Su Hu Van



-Nhung Bai Phap Tieu Bieu cua HT Tuyen Hoa



-Ham Son Dai Su Tu Truyen


-Tu Hu Khong Den-Tro Ve Hu Khong



-Bien Nien Tu Thuat-Thien Su Hu Van


-Dai Su Tong Khach Ba



Picture Gallery


Rev. Thich Hang Dat’s Picture Gallery


with his master 

Rev. Thich hang dat with his teacher, Ven. Hsuan Hua




with dalai lama


translate for Dalai Lama
translate for Dalai Lama-may 2013

Rev Thich Hang Dat with H.H Dalai Lama, May 2013, Louisville, KY.



Louisville mayor  

Rev. Thich Hang Dat with Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer





with Indiana Governor

Rev. Thich Hang Dat with Indiana Governor

Announcement-Class in Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism—REL-R-354-Spring Semester–2017—Indiana University Southeast

ius-logoIndiana University Southeast offers an online Buddhist class, REL-R-354 Introduction to Buddhism, in the Spring of 2017 for its students.

Also, if you study at one of the following institutions: Bellarmine University, Ivy Tech Community College, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Spalding University, and the University of Louisville, you may register this class through Metroversity system at your school. Please click on the following link to view its information:








Pictures-Introduction to Buddhism and Mindfulness Practice Lecture at Unity Church in Houston-July 10-24-2016












Teaching Videos-“Difficulties in Meditation” at Earth and Spirit Center-Louisville


Articles about Rev. Thich Hang Dat


Beyond Religion: Intro To Buddhism – Unity of Houston -July 2016

Thich Hang Dat-U Southeast Spring Mag 2013

Meet the monk-Indian University Southeast

Indiana University Newsletter


Area Buddhists plan temple, social center for growing community – Press of Atlantic City: Egg Harbor 

Buddhists sow seeds with youth to protect faith in U.S. – Buddhachannel

Local Asian Buddhists putting down roots with help from ‘traveling monk’ | News |

Day Of Mindfulness January 26th Good_karma_for_Forest_Park_Students


Testimony_of_Rev_Thich_Hang_Dat-Katrina 2005 at Capital Hill





Upcoming Events –

Announcement: Introduction to Asian Religions—RELS 3380—Spring Semester—2017—University of Houston






University of Houston offers an online class, RELS 3380 Introduction to Asian Religions. If you study at University of Houston, you can register this class in the Spring of 2017 by following the link:


Course Description

An introductory-level course provides a general survey of Asian Religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism. Students will examine the history, texts, rituals, and community of each religious and philosophical tradition.


Course Goal

This course will:

*Enhance students’ knowledge of Asian religions,

*Refine students’ view about religious issues, both from personal and sociological perspectives,  

*Provide students an understanding required to analyze, compare, and contrast religious practices of the same religion in different countries,

*and offer students knowledge of aspects that shape the evolution of religions in Asian countries.


No background knowledge about any of these traditions is required.

If you have questions about this course, please contact Dr. Trung Huynh (Rev. Thich Hang Dat) at